10 Jun 2020

Grace unlimited - a poem

Grace unlimited – a poem – June 2020

I cannot believe my great reprieve
For getting redeemed for things unseemed
And getting exempt for deeds unkempt
Sold in disgrace for the sins which I face
Which never gives way by night or day
In reprieve I am blessed with peace and with rest
Not by merit or faith but by undeserved grace
To make me whole for the sake of my soul
In Gods great plan for the redemption of man.
He forgave all my sin, not only in part
To redeem me from evil and soften my heart
And now I rejoice at the top of my voice
For the grace which abound when I utter that sound
Goodbye every thought of greatness I sought
By relying on things which fame me brings
Forgetting the doubt which life is about
By trusting in fame which only brings shame.
I have come to the gate where I can see straight
Not blurred by fame or by pride in my name
But sealed by the pain He suffered for my gain
So that I can live a life without any strife
In the fullness of His face and the richness of His grace

To learn to trust in things robust
Prepared for me when He hung on that tree
So that I can be free from sin's destiny
And fit in the place He prepared by His grace.

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