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Welcome to my blog where I share my writings, photographs, opinions, philosophy, joys and disappointments of life.
I am a Civil Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, Navigator, Commercial Pilot, Glider Pilot, Helicopter pilot, Mathematician, Software developer, Philosopher, Writer, Poet, Scientist, Musician, Lover of Life, Christian, Theatre lover, Husband, Father, Professional world-traveller (if there is such a thing ;-) and a Student of Life.

My main interest is in enjoying creation and trying to fathom the beauty and miracle of our existence and the mystery of the stuff reality is made of. I also like to argue rationally and realistically against the trash which is dished up to us in this Vanity Fair of media and social media we call the contemporary world in which anything goes, except what you really want to say.

I write mainly for therapeutic purposes, having been indoctrinated from my youth into the convention of society, politics and religion. Therefore my usual suspicion and scepticism of all things conventional.

I would love to have you join in with your comments and share your opinions. Comments are allowed by anyone after each article and are moderated before being published to keep hackers away. It’s really easy to share a comment if you would like to.
If you like my blog, please share it with your friends and acquaintances. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!



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