Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How can we contact you?
  • pk at odendaal dot com

2. Which blogging software do you use?
  • Blogger - the Watermark template

3. Is it free?
  • Yes

4. Is it easy?
  • Yes

5. Does it take a lot of time to run a blog?
  • No

6. Are there browser issues with Blogger?
  • Yes, like any other available ones

7. What are the issues?
  • Incorrect rendering of text, picrtures and picture sizes sometimes

8. Can anybody add a comment?
  • No, only users with a Google profile - it is to prevent spam - sorry

9. Are comments moderated by me?
  • Yes, everyone, before placement.

10. Do you get a lot of spam?
  • Yes, I used to get a lot of spam with opening up the comments to anonymous. I have now restricted comments to readers with a Google profile. I do not allow advertising, but you are free to leave a link to your products and services or blog or website after you have commented on the blog article here.

11. Can anybody write an article for this blog site?
  • Yes, if it complies with the culture and spirit of this blog site and I find the article of interest.

12. Can you refer this blogsite or articles to any other sites or links?
  • Yes, please, just mention the origin with a link to this site.
13. Can I publish my new or existing articles from my new or existing blog site here, or get a link for my blog here?

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