30 May 2019

Love of my Life - Part 7 - A poem

Love of my life – Part 7 – by P.K. Odendaal – May 2019

Do you know how much I long for your touch
specially at the end of the day when you are away
when I could entwine your body with mine
Just being at your side with no reason to hide
the passions we feel in the moments we steal

To be close together forever and ever
to make up the time we lost in our prime
as we thought we could relate without deciding our fate
but how blind I had been for the things then unseen
Not having to talk at the end of that walk
about what we should do when our time there was through

Reincarnation - Part 1

Reincarnation – Part 1 – by P.K. Odendaal – June 2019.

Conventional wisdom has it that reincarnation does not exist, and that is enough for us, who are always sceptical about conventional wisdom, to doubt that belief - so we will explore what is already out there and which is patently different from conventional wisdom.
What we already know is that a spirit is made by God long before carnal conception on earth. It may be that spirits were made by God at a certain point in time, but the life of spirits are timeless and eternal, so the rational argument would be that all incarnate spirits exist at this stage, waiting to be incarnated.

14 May 2019

Love of my life – Part 6 - A poem

Love of my life – Part 6 – by P.K. Odendaal – May 2019

I was quite alone when she messaged my phone
Her photo was distinct and it made me to shrink.
I pretended to not see it was really for me
And kindly asked if she knew of the past.

Her answer was right and it gave me a fright,
just knowing it could only be for the good
As she left me cold in the days of old
After all these years of manifold tears.

13 May 2019

Oh, the rapture of love! – a poem

Oh, the rapture of love! – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – May 2019

I dreamed a dream which may be extreme
That love can be found when no one's around
For love does not care whether someone's there
To have and to hold in fire or cold

Until the pyres of our earthly desires
Vanishe from sight in the deep of the night
Leaving us still and content without life's lament
To let us acquire some other desire

12 May 2019

Adult Sunday School – Part 22 – Outer Darkness

Eight destinations after death – Part 2 – Outer Darkness – by P.K. Odendaal – May 2019.

This is the second place which we are visiting in this series and the places will be getting more and more inhospitable as we go along. This is a place which will mainly be populated by people who knew God and Jesus Christ, but who were unfaithful and disobedient. People who belonged to the Kingdom of God at one time.

The Cleft in the Rock of Ages

The Cleft in the Rock of Ages – by P.K. Odendaal – May 2019

It is well covered in the Bible that Jesus Christ is The Rock and that This Rock has got a cleft in it, made by a sword wound in the side of Jesus Christ during crucifixion. The meaning of this cleft is that we can hide in it and so escape the presence, righteousness or wrath of God.

2 May 2019

Life is so good - a poem

Life is so good – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – May 2019

Life is so good if it's well understood
If not, we are to blame if we suffer the shame
As free will empowers before it devours
If we take the time to do something sublime.