How do I feel

How do I feel – by P.K. Odendaal – October 2018

How do I feel at the end of this reel
Trying to cope with a heart that was broke
Not by taking a chance or unwelcome advance
but just in the way which caused much dismay
When me and my spouse each left the house
To find some form of relief from each other's grief

A satire on behaviour

A satire on behaviour – by P.K. Odendaal – August 2018.
It is said that a fool is born every minute and that you cannot protect a fool from himself or herself, so it seems that my desire to live and let live or to be considerate towards others and be considered by them, in turn or out of turn, is a wild goose chase in some utopia somewhere between here and nowhere.

Divorce – Reconciliation - Part 6

Divorce – Reconciliation - Part 6 - by P.K. Odendaal August 2018

What shall I do with a marriage that's through
Shall love not prevail when us humans do fail
Shall we not learn from our past while our memories last
Or are they just the source which caused the divorce
Does our experience prevent us from pain when we try once again
Or will it stand in our way when we try to repay
Or try to forgive to let each one live

Divorce - Part 3 - Transformation - by P.K. Odendaal

Divorce – Part 3 - Transformation

How do I transform my life after decades of strife
While I was abused and misused by my wife
Not expecting it to disrupt my life so abrupt
When love turned to hate and sorry came too late

Divorce - Part 5 - Reflection - by P.K. Odendaal

Divorce – Part 5 – Reflection

How do you get free from bad company
and how do you break the bonds of mistake
How much does it cost for a life that is lost
How do you last from the abuse of the past

Divorce - Part 4 - Retaliation - by P.K. Odendaal

Divorce – Part 4 – Retaliation

I told you not to pull my tail but that was all to no avail
You went ahead and claimed all I had instead
Why you would pursue that which was not your due
Still  blows my mind and leaves me blind
To see what dent you will make in the end
In my mind and my soul which is surely your goal

Divorce - Part 2 - Raison d'être

Divorce - Part 2 - Raison d'être
If I could turn back the clock in this moment of shock
Which caused me to make so big a mistake
I would be better off now as I am anyhow
And would not repent some stupid event
Which brought me hence to recompense
For some unknown fate which has of late
Deprived me of my labour's bait
Not knowing how to free my mind of things which have become unkind

Divorce – Part 1 – Exorcise - by P.K. Odendaal – June 2018

Divorce – Part 1 – Exorcise

I have written too much about marriage and too little about divorce, both of which is nowadays such an integral pastime of humanity. It will reach its apex soon when the number of marriages equals the number of divorces.
Being so intimately involved in both these pastimes, I have written a few poems on divorce with the realization that a divorce is much more than just receiving a piece of paper that your marriage has been dissolved – as if a divorce can be so cryptically or euphemistically described.

How did our love start

How did our love start? – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – September 2017

If I think of how we met, how can I then forget?
That it was both you and I who wanted to give it a try
Not that we thought it would bring us aught
Or that we had some notion it would stir an emotion

We just happened to gel before we could tell
What was the next step after we have met?
I asked you by the way if we could meet another day
To which you made known that you were also alone

An Ode to God

An Ode to God – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – August 2016.

For a mere mortal like me, and a very ignorant one at that, I can make no other rational deduction than that God had created Himself. It is therefore with humility and wonder that I composed this Ode to God:

O, wondrous God, what happened on the instant you made yourself?
There were no mountains to tremble or thunders to rejoice,
There was no human or angel to bow before and adore you,
Yet the greatest miracle of all was born without a sigh.