Love of my life - Part 3

Love of my life - Part 3 – by P.K. Odendaal – September 2017

We got to the start of what was painful and hard
Because we thought that love would be enough
And so sweet and so right for a future so bright
Which shone like the stars through our nebulae of scars

I believe in humans

I believe in humans – by P.K. Odendaal - August 2017

Inhumanism – my own fabrication of anti-humanism, is rampant in the world and the cancer is spreading epidemically and hyperbolically, despite my article on it:

I never expected the article to be a magic wand, but neither did I expect inhumanism to travel faster than light. In fact, it is nowadays the only way to get some publicity – by strapping a bomb vest onto your body with or without bombs or burning your wife.

A love lost poem

A love lost poem - by P.K. Odendaal - August 2017

In the previous part I have constrained my heart, to say what I want without any doubt, but now I must hand the pen to a friend.

I love the poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and the following one will beat everyone:


When the first sere leaves of the year were falling, 
I heard, with a heart that was strangely thrilled, 
Out of the grave of a dead Past calling, 
A voice I fancied forever stilled. 

To the love of my life - Part 2

To the love of my life - Part 2 - by P.K. Odendaal - August 2017

At first it seemed right and my future was bright
But as time went by, I could not rely
On a love that was blind and me unable to find
Peace for my soul to make my life whole.

We were far too shy to give love a try
And what she saw in a friendship so raw
With a boy who knew less of a loving caress
Than a soul on the run chased by no one.

To the love of my life - Part 1

To the love of my life, whoever she was – by P.K. Odendaal - August 2017.

The muse visited me last night just before bedtime and this poem streamed out of my soul – hope you enjoy it and that it touches a part of your soul:

This is just an ode to a friendship of old
Which went up in smoke when love had no hope
Yet the grief and the pain is all that remain
In a world and a season where friendship had no reason.

Reason and Romanticism

Reason and Romanticism – by P. K. Odendaal – May 2017.

The world is in a flux of changing moods and fortunes, always ready to balance the extremes originating from animate and inanimate things which are imposed upon it. In fact it is very finely balanced. If you take the forces in the Universe vying between contraction and expansion of it, you will find its equilibrium up to almost sixty decimals! It is not much different in other spheres of the Universe or Creation.

Fantasy is not reality … so what!

Fantasy is not reality … so what! – by P.K. Odendaal – February 2017

You see things (which are); and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?' George Bernard Shaw.
Ever since I have been ‘poisoned’ by G.K. Chesterton, I am trying to get to grips with the difference between science and fantasy, and the more I think about it the less I understand it.

God and Science – a lecture

God and Science – a lecture – by P.K. Odendaal – August 2016.
(partially rewritten 27 August 2016)

I have been asked to give a lecture on the topic ‘God and Science’ by someone from the University of the Third Age – also called U3A. Of course I will jump at such an opportunity, as I am also actively involved in the University of All Ages at … you guessed it, my blog.
Typically, with me and my big mouth, I told the person that he is asking me to only speak on one subject, and that is God, and that the words ‘God and Science’ is a repetition of objects or subjects.

The law is an ass

The law is an ass - by P.K. Odendaal - July 2106

We all know this adage, but do we know its ramifications?
One of its most basic corollaries is: people who are agents or protectors of the law are also asses - or in the words of Dogberry (from Shakespeare): But, masters, remember that I am an ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass.

A few notes on discordant notes

A few notes on discordant notes – by P.K. Odendaal – July 2016

It struck me recently that what we say and do are really music that emanates from our bodies, tongues, souls, hearts, minds and spirit. If we think that we communicate only verbally, we make a big mistake. In fact, our communication from our sub-conscious mind and spirit into the meta-physical world is much more profound, simple and truthful than what comes from the subjective half-truths emanating from our mouths.