5 Jul 2020

The Millennia of Unreason

The Millennia of Unreason – July 2020

Of course my title chosen above is an aberration of the name of the book by Thomas Paine, whose last name was in reality Pain … and the amount of pain he inflicted on mankind is incalculable. His book was only meant to be for a reason or a season or an age, but it became the foundation of unreason for millennia.

On the face of it, we will all say: what!? Could there have been a time when unreason reigned supreme?

14 Jun 2020

Disillusioned- a poem

Disillusioned- a poem – June 2020

I am ill at ease with the present world peace
As down below it glimmers of how the world simmers
As we warm up to sin with an uneasy grin

Trying to hide our conscience and pride
Repeating again some period of pain
Known as the Romantic which was violent and frantic
In which anything goes and end up in woes
Which satisfies our senses and blunts our defenses

For the sake of a break – a poem

For the sake of a break – a poem – June 2020

Stand still and hold fast,it’s time for a repast
You arrived here too soon like an age old buffoon
Our purpose of life isn’t to speed up the strife,
but to move quite gently and focus intently
Calm down and take stock of every old rock
which lies in your path and stops you to laugh

13 Jun 2020

Corporations and Governments – a satire

Corporations and Governments – a satire – June 2020

This does not apply to any corporate or government body with which I have not dealt, and my comments are restricted only to those I have dealt with.
This is about intelligence and intellect, and maybe about life and sanity as well. All four of these are under serious threat as intelligence and wisdom have disappeared from the planet. They are quite lethal characteristics for humans to have and to hold, if you ask me. That is why we have to get acquainted with and adept at playing dumb, playing dead and playing sane.

10 Jun 2020

Grace unlimited - a poem

Grace unlimited – a poem – June 2020

I cannot believe my great reprieve
For getting redeemed for things unseemed
And getting exempt for deeds unkempt
Sold in disgrace for the sins which I face
Which never gives way by night or day

7 Jun 2020

Be a Child of the Universe

Be a Child of the Universe – June 2020

Most of us have this impaired vision. Even highly learned people have it too, and maybe even more so. We have no peripheral vision, perspective and farsightedness. It is as if someone gave us near-sighted glasses and eye blows.
Of course I mean vision in a broader sense than  seeing – vision almost as an epiphany. We cannot train our eyes to see farther, but we can train our brains and minds to see into infinity.

6 Jun 2020

What am I doing here - a poem

What am I doing here – June 2020

The road that I travel is made out of gravel
Never was I told it would be streets of gold
It would be dull indeed if there was no need
or if there was no more I could suffer for
Losing my drive to try and survive
Would imply that I am ready to die
I have to hold fast till my calling is past
and cling to all things which meaning me brings

4 Jun 2020

Delusion and make believe - a poem

Delusion and make believe – June 2020

We live in a land of make believe
And we try anything we can scarcely conceive
Not for deception, but for fear of rejection
as none we can do will trouble you.

And that is more than we bargained for
And nothing we'll find will blow our mind
In fact, any tale will let us rail
and none of our stuff is ever enough
as we will only think we had too much to drink
Or that such a joke will go up in smoke.

2 Jun 2020

Oh, my Son, my Son

Adult Sunday School – Part 25 - Oh, my Son, my Son

The most traumatic moment in the life of God was when His son died. Some of us who have lost a son can relate to that, but, for God,  the grief of that moment was more intense in that He knew when and how His son would die - at least four thousand years before it happened.

The first hint to us that it would happen, is when He spoke to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Gen 3:15 … it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. This scripture says in my words: You shall bruise His heel when you send Him to Calvary where He will die, but He will bruise your head at Calvary, because there He will be crowned the King of Kings.

22 May 2020


Considerata – May 2020.

The first thing we should accept in this world is that there is a God who created, owns, manages and rules this universe. Nobody can prove it or disprove it, because He has willed it so.
If we do not accept this, then we must also accept that we do not exist – a much greater possibility, because neither can anyone prove or disprove that we do. Philosophers have thought about it for millennia and the best they could come up with was what Descartes said: ‘I think, therefore I am’. To this I reply ‘I am, therefore I think’. Both two hollow excuses proving nothing.