22 May 2020


Considerata – May 2020.

The first thing we should accept in this world is that there is a God who created, owns, manages and rules this universe. Nobody can prove it or disprove it, because He has willed it so.
If we do not accept this, then we must also accept that we do not exist – a much greater possibility, because neither can anyone prove or disprove that we do. Philosophers have thought about it for millennia and the best they could come up with was what Descartes said: ‘I think, therefore I am’. To this I reply ‘I am, therefore I think’. Both two hollow excuses proving nothing.

16 May 2020

A letter to God

Dearest God,

You are omniscient, omnipotent, majestic, humble, loving, innovative, creative, incredible - and that to an infinite degree.
I adore you with my mind, body, soul and spirit. With all that is within me.
On the other hand, I am not even worth it that you cast a glance to my side, yet you walk the extra million miles with me.