22 May 2020


Considerata – May 2020.

The first thing we should accept in this world is that there is a God who created, owns, manages and rules this universe. Nobody can prove it or disprove it, because He has willed it so.
If we do not accept this, then we must also accept that we do not exist – a much greater possibility, because neither can anyone prove or disprove that we do. Philosophers have thought about it for millennia and the best they could come up with was what Descartes said: ‘I think, therefore I am’. To this I reply ‘I am, therefore I think’. Both two hollow excuses proving nothing.

God's existence and our existence hangs on the same frail string of certainty and doubt - a string God and we can cut in an instant if we will. Some of us do, and fall quite fast into that abyss of doubt and despair. Others follow at leisure. If we cut that string, it will plunge God and us into the same abyss of nihilism in one fell swoop of our conviction and imagination. I know for sure that I will not find God there. It is an abode He only once visited after His crucifixion.
Whether God will survive in this abyss is for Him to decide, but I know for sure that I will not be able to.
The road to this abyss has many turn offs, cross roads, intersections, byways, shortcuts, bridges and viaducts, but it all leads there if you are brave enough to ford it ... and strange enough, this road starts off with faith and ends in despair. Very few people have been able to traverse it in the reverse direction, but some have tried.
The main sections of this road are in chronological order of time travelled: creationism, essentialism, faithlessness, neglect, doubt, existentialism, delusionist, neurosis, despair and nihilism, and ultimately the abyss and death itself. When we arrive there dead, will we then also not believe in death?
In each of us there is the urge to travel further down this road to expand our horizon and stretch our envelope, but, what do we do when we come to the end of this road and we see there is nothing there. Will we have the courage and power to turn around, admit that we were wrong and admit the chaos we are then finding our self in?
Where are we now? If I look around me, I see there is convention - almost unbearable. Conventional wisdom – a conglomeration of lies for those who do not have the faculty of thought, rules and regulations to stifle the creativity in each of us, safety – forced on us by governments to let their subjects scold and scoff at us, and many more ... but at least there is order.
On those fringes of knowledge and experience there is only chaos. Will we venture there only because it is an adventure and a place where even angels fear to tread.
For me a thousand times YES, I want to go there, but NO, I am too scared a devil will get hold of me there and smuggle me into hell. It is plain as daylight to me that the border of this envelope we are stretching and probing towards, is the border of the envelope also of heavenly beings stretching and probing towards us, and you can just imagine the chaos you will find when the twain meet on that edge.
It is much safer to send our thoughts there in stead of going there our self. Will we go there because we cannot prove or disprove whether it exists?

Do we really think that God will spend time with us if we are spending none with Him?
Do we think that the God we might be doubting is himself the best source to counsel on whether He exists? It is the same as asking a question to someone who you know does not have the answer. It is written in scripture that he exposes himself false to a false person.
Do we really think that the God we may not believe in will believe in us?
Can we go on indicting God, as we often do, for things we think He has not done or not done right, and escape from the fact that God might also think there are things we did not do or did wrong?
On which side of this sharp and shining double edged sword do we wish to hide or seek protection?
Do we think that we will escape the curse of God if we curse God?
Do we think that we will escape the judgement of God while we judge Him?
Shall we not stand still for one moment and consider the other side of this coin?
How many friends do we have on earth who do not regard us as their friend?
Are we a friend of God? Friendship is so easy to foster if it comes from both sides.
Let the pot not call the kettle black, but let each of us shine with the light and reality we have, however dim and unreal it may be. The sun has no choice but to be dimmed by the clouds it created from the heat it generated on earth, nor has God the choice to shine brightly through the clouds of sin which was formed by His righteousness. How can we expect to see Him shine in this nebula where we are in, where we as His stars are formed by His power and Grace and where we are ignited by a nuclear reaction in our souls?

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