14 Jun 2020

For the sake of a break – a poem

For the sake of a break – a poem – June 2020

Stand still and hold fast,it’s time for a repast
You arrived here too soon like an age old buffoon
Our purpose of life isn’t to speed up the strife,
but to move quite gently and focus intently
Calm down and take stock of every old rock
which lies in your path and stops you to laugh

Its time to come clean of every old dream
that makes you recall the cause of it all
Water under the bridge can’t make you rich
And never return to bridges you burn

Life has enough of very good stuff
Its never the time to think of your prime
So shed the few tears you held back for years

Live in the moment and forget the atonement
Whats past is past and should never last
To let you be ashamed for what you are blamed

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