13 Jun 2020

Corporations and Governments – a satire

Corporations and Governments – a satire – June 2020

This does not apply to any corporate or government body with which I have not dealt, and my comments are restricted only to those I have dealt with.
This is about intelligence and intellect, and maybe about life and sanity as well. All four of these are under serious threat as intelligence and wisdom have disappeared from the planet. They are quite lethal characteristics for humans to have and to hold, if you ask me. That is why we have to get acquainted with and adept at playing dumb, playing dead and playing sane.
Starting with corporates, we already know that it is no place for innovation and creativity which normally stems from intelligence and intellect. It is not tolerated in any corporation, whatever its size, and the bigger the corporation, the more intelligent you must display your dumbness.
Firstly, there are these rules which tells you what to do in any circumstance. There are safety rules which is there to tell humans that the corporate body is not responsible for injuries and death due to their neglect. I have seen many of these maps at elevators which tells you the way you must escape in cases when things get really hot. There are protocol and standard replies you should know by heart. It does not matter which reply fits which question – one size fits all – like the person is on leave, on lunch, in a meeting or busy.
You are not allowed to think, just follow the rules. It would have been fine if the rules were rational and helpful, but the department compiling these rules are specially selected for their dumbness, as they have to compile rules for the dumber and it takes special skills to formulate those type of rules. There is nothing wrong with having dumb rules if you are not allowed to think, as long as it takes some intelligence to fake them. It’s a perfect solution, but not a final one. Death by gas chamber or guillotine would have been much more appropriate, but now you must be killed slowly, softly and silently for a lifetime.
It reminds me of my first day in compulsory military training when our instructor told us that it was his main aim to teach us not to think.
And I agree with this, because one sharp and intelligent person can wreak havoc in any such organization - even destroy it totally. It cannot be allowed or tolerated, as it will destroy hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in the process.
Let us look at their financial results. Private companies can easily nett fifty to hundred percent in gross profits. Corporates has the enviable record in netting two to three percent. That is the reason they are using robots and artificial intelligence. None of the latter have the faculty of thought and so they are way smarter than thinking humans.
Now to governments. It is almost the same setup except for four crucial differences.
The most important one is that there is no selection, screening or qualifications required for the job, so that you can end up with the really dumb and useless. Politics is not for those who only play dumb, they would never be intelligent enough to even to play that level of dumbness.
Secondly, there are no rules, so politicians can do and think anything which they always do. The things they say or do, do not have to be true, beneficial, possible or real. It also does not have to be something they believe in as very few politicians believe in anything, least of all in their voters. It seems like they cannot have any faith in their voters for voting idiots and criminals into power.
The third thing is that they must be totally unreliable, deluded, dishonest and deceitful. That is about par for the course. The only thing they have to know or remember is the names of their family members to whom all the work and contracts must go – and it helps if they can count, just to remember how many zeros the amount has which they have embezzled.
If we look at their financial record it is even worse than corporates. They  lose more than ninety percent of their allocation. Well, that takes some doing.
The fourth thing is that they can do and think anything and have this superhuman instinct of thinking and doing the wrong thing every time.
There are many examples of this in persons like Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pulpit, Stalin and Lenin, who were together responsible for the death of almost half a billion unsuspecting and innocent humans.
What can we learn from this. In corporates humans are killed slowly and softly because they are not allowed to think. In politics people are killed brutally and fast in vast numbers, because the politicians are allowed to think.
So, if you are an intelligent being, play dumb. It is not so hard. Millions of clever women who have dumb husbands play this game every day skilfully.
Some sobering closing thoughts.
Firstly. I have not addressed aristocracy. It makes me too sore to think that they have no other qualifications than the colour of their blood. They do no work or hold no steady job. They get paid a million times more than most hard-working labourers. Well… that is arrogance, inequity and waste in its highest gear.
Secondly. Although there are certain governments who get elected in a rigged democratic way, but government itself is a undemocratic as you can get. It is just a wider distribution of autocratic rule than potentates and dictators use. You may read my article: ‘Democracy will aways fail’ elsewhere on this blog.  

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