14 Jun 2020

Disillusioned- a poem

Disillusioned- a poem – June 2020

I am ill at ease with the present world peace
As down below it glimmers of how the world simmers
As we warm up to sin with an uneasy grin

Trying to hide our conscience and pride
Repeating again some period of pain
Known as the Romantic which was violent and frantic
In which anything goes and end up in woes
Which satisfies our senses and blunts our defenses

Making us unable to stay quite stable
In this time of pretension and fake self invention
To favour those who are weakest to outshine the meekest
Playing once more on the world stage of yore

Where Catholics reigned supreme in the fake Barogue dream
Of opulence and gold based on indulgences sold
Paid by long dead sinners for lavish dinners
Of human reprieves enjoyed by thieves

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