An Ode to God

An Ode to God – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – August 2016.

For a mere mortal like me, and a very ignorant one at that, I can make no other rational deduction than that God had created Himself. It is therefore with humility and wonder that I composed this Ode to God:

O, wondrous God, what happened on the instant you made yourself?
There were no mountains to tremble or thunders to rejoice,
There was no human or angel to bow before and adore you,
Yet the greatest miracle of all was born without a sigh.

Where did you get your raw materials from
and on which blue print did you work?
Where did you suffer pain and grief
to become so deeply human and compassionate?

Through which fire did you go
to temper your love and mercy?
Where did sin try to attach itself to you,
that you learned the art of forgiveness?
And in which caverns were you born,
in the absence of a manger?

Who burned sweet incense to you in adoration? 
Did you think of Adam then already,
and was your desire for a friend so great?
That you risked the fall of your Kingdom for the sake of man.

Which darkness and voids did you meet when you opened your eyes?
And did your light illuminate the deepest chasms ever found?
Did the forces of nature combine in your being, with the beauty that they bring?
Or were they nestled in your bosom waiting for their birth?

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