How did our love start

How did our love start? – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – September 2017

If I think of how we met, how can I then forget?
That it was both you and I who wanted to give it a try
Not that we thought it would bring us aught
Or that we had some notion it would stir an emotion

We just happened to gel before we could tell
What was the next step after we have met?
I asked you by the way if we could meet another day
To which you made known that you were also alone
Not that our first meet was indiscreet
But we both knew that here was something sincere
Where it would take us, we recall, would not matter at all
As long as we knew we both wanted to pursue
Some pastime you know like a dinner or show
Or a concert of some kind in a venue we don't mind

What we really did not know was the direction it would go
If we touched each other's soul or made each other whole
A fact we did not mind as we both were very kind
We have received much more than we believed
Indeed much more than we had bargained for

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