An Ode to Life

An Ode to Life – a poem by P.K.Odendaal – April 2018

Soft, tell me how you find life's purpose and life's mind
Are you the one who says life's fruits are all a mess
Let me not hear that you heart is full of fear
Because you doubt what life is all about

You tell me that life is pain and only grief remain
That the good that you have done did benefit no one
And each time you tried to rejoice it was with a hollow voice
Yet all the suffering and shame was repeated again and again

You accuse the world of hate and cry about your fate
Whilst you did not one time let your mind and heart forget
The trouble you have seen and the grief where you have been
As if some unseen lord was there to sell you short

How could you be so blind to leave your grief behind
Whilst it was just that fate that kept you alive of late
That made you feel the pain of others just the same
So don’t tell me there's no hope when you are hanging on a rope

I do not buy your story with or without its glory
Of all the things you've seen and the places you have been
If you've been there and did not share
Your hope and love of things above
Then you might as well abide with no one on your side
Alone you shall then travel while your life and hopes unravel

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