I believe in dreams

I believe in dreams – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – November 2018
I have often seen my life in a dream
And I have often been distraught by the doubt it brought
But try as I may by night or by day
The dream has often helped me to soften
The pain that I suffer when times get tougher

I was never able from birth and the cradle
To trust in a dream or in things unseen
But somehow I was able to keep things stable
Just by thinking back on things which lack
and only seen in some guiding dream

It helped me a lot in case I forgot
That life was not meant to make us content
As always it's about a life full of doubt
Never to be sure that I would endure

And while I still ponder of things here and yonder
I cannot deny as the years would go by
That dreams often came and sometimes brought shame
But most of the time it caused me to shine
As fate and fear are always near
If I stand up and fight for my name and my right
and have faith and hope in life’s great scope

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