Make believe - a poem

Make believe - a poem by P.K. Odendaal _ December 2018.

We live in the land of Make Believe
And we try anything we can conceive
Not only for the sake of deception, but also for the sake of reception
For none we do will ever trouble you
And that is more than we budgeted for

And nothing we'll find will blow our mind
In fact, any tale can let us rail
but none of our stuff is ever enough
and only makes us think we had too much to drink
Or that such a joke must go up in smoke.

I have an obsession to make a digression:

So as I was out on a roundabout
To teach some geese on how to sneeze
And on my way I tried to say
How fine it was to make a pass
at a dame who thought I could be caught
between the man in the moon and a lazy baboon

But none of these would her appease
as she set out to make me doubt
the truth of her plea to accompany me
to any place to show her face

or at any time to commit a crime

And that was when I took up my pen
to write these lines as early signs
that things can go wrong when we are not strong
to say what we mean without being obscene
and think what we might without provoking a fight

The rule of the place is to give people space
and not to impede on their will to succeed
So you and I will never cry
when things get absurd and people hurt
Not for the sake of any mistake
but only because people have flaws.

And then we play a game of hide and shame
if such is the grieve of make believe
and that is why we give it a try
to see how far reality are
removed from our life and our daily strife.

But, hidden away from our moral decay
is a puerile refrain at the back of our brain
to remind us at last of things of the past
that our roots will not sway when all else give way

And that is my hope when all else go broke
that in the end I will remain a child without blame
for no evil intents in social events
to brush things aside in stead of to hide
under the fact that I am a human in stead.

Let us play this game of blame and shame
And refrain from saying aloud our name
knowing full well we have nothing to tell
because things have gone south, but not from our mouth.

With the digression now over I can try to be sober
And return to my view that mankind start anew
Pushing make believe aside to reveal what we hide

Mediocrity is in and its boring like sin
And we have no place in this time of disgrace
Join me to despise that which is unwise
Till one day we find there`s people quite blind
Not able to see their mediocrity
and who knows that anything goes.

If you convince people to think that we're on the brink.
In all I don't care whatever they share
but their debatable art was a disgust from the start

It's no use to say its avante garde when you know that it's marred
by visions of hell too ghastly to tell
Filled with sculls and bones without the groans
to make their cell a living hell.

Maybe you think your life will end in something sweet without amend
But that is not how the world is now
You reap what you have sown plus something unknown
as life's court stands by to decry your lie
As you face your case without an embrace.

So in the end there's no letting past a heaven outcast
on the grounds of grace without hearing your case
And then it's a close call to not let you fall
in the hands of the devil to make things level.

Enough of Satan's truce which fueled our abuse
Never thinking that we would be upset
when things went wild when we were a child.

So pay up and lie down and forget the crown
You were promised to wear if you persevered to care
for yourself and your neighbour in all of your labour.

It's too late now to count what immense amount
You could have gained if you remained a saint
For it is cried out in the street where ever you meet
The word is wise and its hard to despise

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