I will live today

I will live today – by P.K. Odendaal – December 2018
As if I needed to tell you that. But, that is not the only thing I wish to tell you.
Think back and think now. What are we doing?
Yes, I know we work, we eat and drink and we sleep - and some might find that exciting. We do not need to think anymore. Everything comes automatically, surely and monotonously. Everything goes according to clockwork. Our clock tells us what to do now. In fact, there is some intellectual competition going on between us and our clocks.
Where have we been all these years? Yes, I know. We have been to work, maybe to church and maybe to weddings and funerals. Oh, yes, and that one time at the seaside. Our lives are full and fast and the play goes on in tune with the curtains which go up and down on this stage of our life. This is not for me.
The time of life is short. To spend that shortness basely were too long - from King Henry IV Part I by Shakespeare.
For me, that is not life at all. Rather bury me alive. The sun comes up and I do not think of going to work. I stand in awe at the beautiful colours of sunrise blended behind the films of thin cloud. I stand in awe at a new day in which I am alive and well and living on Planet Earth. I think about the Grace given unto me to live this day as if it was a gift - which it surely is.
I think of the vastness of the Universe and my place in it. I think of God and the privilege I have to be His friend and confidante.
I think about what I wish to create today - as God thought about what He wanted to create on each of those six days. So I will plan my creational activities like He did.
I will laugh at the day. I will make it my friend and acquaintance. I will talk to the day and I will talk to God. I will listen to the day and to God as they reply. I will think and dream the impossible and try to create and discover the possible. What I do today is not limited by the day or by God. It is limited by me.
I have no schedule for today, but I will work, endeavour, create and innovate as best I can for the benefit of God and Mankind. I will not work for food. God’s Grace is infinite and sufficient to sustain me. If I do not have food for today, my passion for life and the fire which burns inside of me, will carry me through.
If things get rough, I will hang in there. I will not give up. If I do not succeed, I will try again ... and again, until I succeed. After I have tasted success, I will think bigger and dream bigger and put more effort and passion into the day. I will learn at least one new thing today which I did not know yesterday. I will try to do at least one new thing today that I could not do yesterday. I will strive, even in sweat and toil and tears - strive valiantly and compassionately, though I may come short again and again. There is no surety for accomplishment - it is an added or fringe benefit.
I will not look at my mediocrity, faults and ignorance today. There is no time for it and they are known to be impostors and liars. God made me able and willing to do what I want to do today.
I will not listen to the scorn and defamation poured upon me from my neighbour and my enemy. They are not competent judges. Only God and I can judge me and know what is in my heart.
I will not succumb to the efforts of man to punish and destroy me, because I am a friend of the human race and I believe in humans. I will succeed because I believe in my dreams.
I am here to live today.

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