Love of my Life – part 5

Love of my Life – part 5 – by P.K. Odendaal – January 2019

How can I believe that there may be reprieve
In times like these while I'm at ease
An apparition appears after all these years
Which made me to think of things now extinct

Which happened ages ago when I was too slow
to seize a moment of love and atonement

in order to dote on some woman remote
whom I dated for some time in moments sublime

She was a part of my life and almost my wife
as I was young and stupid and believed in Cupid
To bring me some joy when I was a boy.

But little did I know it would end in woe
when feelings would grow and I did not show
how much I cared for a lifetime shared.
The fault was not only mine at that time
as she was too shy to tell me why
she wanted to be always with me.

But now that I know, it goes to show
that things are not kind when I was too blind,
too blind to see what had happened to me.
Not realising that I won't ever forget
the opportunity lost and the heartbreak it cost
to relive those moments without condolence
and realise at last it was a ghost of the past,

which vanished like snow when the winter had to go

At least it gives closure to us by exposure
So that we can see why it never could be
Not that it matters now that's in tatters
Its a futile exercise in blame at this stage of the game
Which gets us nowhere even when we share
The secrets of why we remained high and dry

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