After the dance

After the dance – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – November 2018

It is with the utmost respect that I now reflect
On what happened to our chance at the end of that dance
Like mist in the morn it disappeared at dawn
Never to return like the bridges we burn
For no other reason than the end of that season
When magic disappeared from the relationship we reared

Little did we know that our efforts here below
Were driven from above and inspired by that love
But things do come and go as previous encounters show
And nothing stays the same when emotions are to blame
And nothing remains intact when people interact

And just when you are sure that love will still endure
A difference of perspective starts up a new invective
So beware and do not play with things which go astray

And do not lose you pale when things around you fail
And do not think they will remain whilst you are playing another game
And do not embark on schemes which may one day shatter dreams

It is not worth the while to fake an angry smile
It will kill you in the end when you deceive a precious friend
From all of this I've learned there’s nothing to be earned
For which you do not fend until the bitter end.

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