Do not abuse me

Do not abuse me – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – November 2018

I cannot go on with a charade or a song
Pretending not to be the man inside me
I am not and never will be, a pawn to be moved without a decree
Until one day people might see that gentle persuasion is not for me
I am not here to please and endear
while I'm abused and defiled when things run wild
My commitment to life and my abhorrence of strife
Spreads more wide than trading a thought or taking a side.

If you think you may lead me astray
By some tainted story of pride or of glory
you have missed all the clues or things I refuse
To sail over life's waves which make people slaves
Of things they detest until there's no rest
For a soul in despair that never will dare
To stand up and say that it causes dismay
And that is why I never deny
my faith and my trust against things which disgust
To stay true to my mission without any derision
And keep on the fight till the end is in sight.

So if you see me go by, without any sigh
Know full well that I will not tell
the agony in my soul which keeps my life whole
to never let go of things which may grow
and stand out at last as virtues of the past.


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