Divorce - Part 3 - Transformation - by P.K. Odendaal

Divorce – Part 3 - Transformation

How do I transform my life after decades of strife
While I was often abused and always misused
Not expecting it to disrupt my life so abrupt
When love turned to hate and sorry came too late

Not realising that she would be met with years of regret
What had been done out of disrespect or fun
and landed us in doubt of what it was all about
So blind that she could not see what she was doing to me
And too naive to know how far this would go.

So when the game is done and nobody has won
It is hard to see what the end would be
All I know is now I must transform somehow
And set myself free from what she wanted me to be

A man in the gutter with no words to utter
Whilst she took from my things as fortune her brings
Not having worked for a stitch for which made her rich
Whilst I toiled night and day for my daily pay
whilst she was loitering round and was nowhere to be found

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