Divorce - Part 5 - Reflection - by P.K. Odendaal

Divorce – Part 5 – Reflection

How do you get free from bad company
and how do you break the bonds of mistake
How much does it cost for a life that is lost
How do you last from the abuse of the past

What does it take to correct your mistake
When can you say that you have no dismay
How long does memory last from the pain of your past
And who will take apart the shackles from your heart
And is there escape from the bondage they make
To afford your release to a life with some peace

It bothers me now to think of the vow
Which cause me much pain in these years which remain
Which kept me for too long from the place I belong
Always suppressing my life for the sake of the wife
Never permitted to say what I thought of that day
When she bound me forever with bonds which will not sever
And here I sit now just cursing that vow
Made at a time of ignorance in my prime
only to see that it came back to me
In all of its grief to my great disbelief

How could I behave whilst I remained a slave
To the whims and the way of a woman gone stray
Who forgot without fail I was a human in jail
Who always wished to be free from the cuffs that bound me
This was no first love for me neither did I want it to be
A first love after all is not a feast nor a ball
It withers and die like an exposed lie
And disappears from sight when the morning is bright
So I realised in time in the years of my prime
That values which last was a thing of the past

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