Divorce - Part 4 - Retaliation - by P.K. Odendaal

Divorce – Part 4 – Retaliation

I told you not to pull my tail but that was all to no avail
You went ahead and claimed all I had instead
Why you would pursue that which was not your due
Still  blows my mind and leaves me blind
To see what dent you will make in the end
In my mind and my soul which is surely your goal

Getting zillions for your keep will not make you better sleep
But will destroy all that is good and all for which I stood.
You are old and senile and not able to beguile
Any man or fool who you think may be cool
Your days are done and will be spent with no one
Because you have caused a bust in our family trust
Which will never heal after you made this deal
With the devil and your daughter which caused you to slaughter
Two lambs so pristine who remained wholly clean

In this fight and this brawl for no reason at all
You went out of your way to set up this fray
And little did you know that it would end up in woe
For you and your clan who helped you to fan
A case against me out of pure jealousy

And little did you know that from the word go
God sided with the oppressed whom you thought should never rest
but little did you know that the venom that you sow
Will one day turn around and run you to the ground
And that in the end you will be forced to depend on a meagre stipend
And be able to see how God protected me
And that I was shown that you will disown
All that you thought may come your way someday
I knew from the start it would break your own heart
When your resolved to get my estate in a bet
to ruin me so by taking my dough
Not knowing that your years will be heartbreak and tears

Your revenge on me was never going to be
The remedy you thought that would make me distraught
But revenge turns around and hits you to the ground
Maybe never again to arise till the day you close your eyes
Please don't blame me for that as it was not my act
Which ran you aground by your own hand and sound
Even so let it be a lesson to me
Never trust your own child when times do go wild

And never reckon on one even when he's your son
In the end they all fail and can never prevail
In the face of the thrust which make strong people go bust
Integrity is all which can spare you the fall
And standing by your accord is stronger than the sword

For me, I never doubted that when the points are touted
The values all remain no matter what the pain
As long as you desist to be derailed by such a tryst
As long as you remain in the heart of God's domain
No ill can ever come to those who hurt no one
And no grief can outlast reprieve if you stand by what you believe
So keep your peace and earn your keep while storms around you sweep
You never know how long until your tears will turn to song
But surely it will come in blessings one by one
And all I have to blame is a love which dare not speak its name.

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