Divorce – Part 6 - Reconciliation

Divorce – Reconciliation - Part 6 - by P.K. Odendaal August 2018

What shall I do with a marriage that's through
Shall love not prevail when us humans do fail
Shall we not learn from our past while our memories last
Or are they just the source which caused the divorce
Does our experience prevent us from pain when we try once again
Or will it stand in our way when we try to repay
Or try to forgive to let each one live

I cannot keep on from dusk till dawn
To vent my anger instead of my candour
To live in peace in moments like these
Not trying to blame and not causing the shame
But rather redeeming the pain from the relief that I gain
And forgiving at last all thoughts of the past
And seeing her through by the penance I do

Hate never sent one knave unprepared to the grave
But heaven remains open when a soft word is spoken.
So I forgive and forget and live with no regret
Just nursing the pain that will forever remain.

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