Zwischenzug - 2 - What does that mean?

Many thanks to the USA who were the largest readers of my blog this week  - I appreciate it and I hope I can make a contribution to debunking the lies, doubts, misconceptions and mis-understandings of our world of today.

It made me think of the Conference on Sustainable Development, held in South Africa some five years ago, in Durban. It was not the climate change one which become known as the Durban Disaster, but might well have been.

When the conference started, each delegate received a question on a piece of paper (I am told) which read like this :

What, in your honest opinion, is the solution to the shortage of food in the rest of the world. 

Delegates had to hand in their replies before the end of the conference. When none were handed in, the organisers wanted to know why the delegates did answer it.

Someone gave this reply:   

It was because nobody fully understood the question.

The delegates from West Africa did not know what honest meant, those from Russia did not know what an opinion meant, those from the Middle East did not know what a solution meant, those from Europe did not know what a shortage meant, those from the rest of Africa did not know what food meant, and those from the USA did not know what the rest of the world meant.