7 Sept 2020

Thank you for doing me proud

Thank you for doing me proud! – September 2020.

Just a short thank you to all my readers to say how much I appreciated your patronage over these past twenty years ... yes, that is how long I have been keeping this blog.
In the time I have written over three hundred articles and poems, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

I originally set out to write for therapeutic purposes to still the emotional pain which burned inside me and did not really care whether anyone would read it. Writing it only was enough for me … but I noticed over the years that the same type and number of readers revisited my site regularly.
Since the beginning it was my quest to push the envelope of conjecture to try and touch touch the fringes of reality, and though I failed quite often and often quite miserably, I have the assurance that sometimes I came so near reality that I could almost smell and touch it.
Many of my readers liked my dry humour and the way I wrote with my tongue in my cheek. Sometimes I even tried to be controversial, but that goal evaded me most of the time, maybe fortunately.
My readers are from many countries all over the globe, which I am glad to have, but did not expect. I did try to write for humans and not about cultures and politics. For me that meant that the scope of my repertoire was wide enough to touch the soul of all human beings who felt and experienced life like I did.
I am only informed of the ten top countries where I am read the most and these were:
USA 33%
France 30%
South Africa 8% (the street where I live)
Russia 4%
Germany 3%
Canada 2%
UK 2%
India 2%
Ukraine 2%
Georgia 2%.
My motto is to be as honest as I dare be, in order to expose my vulnerability and thereby really connect with people's souls on a meaningful level.
Thank you - you are doing me proud!

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