12 Sept 2020

Cast out of Heaven onto Earth

And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
Adult Sunday School Part 26 - September 2020.

I am busy writing an article named: 'Why do God reject us?' in which I use concepts which are mixed between the physical and the super natural.
This Sunday School lesson is just a basis for my treatise on rejection and is written as a Sunday school lesson.
The devil was cast down from heaven and we find him later in Eden as a serpent tempting Adam and Eve. 
I have heard some people say the story is a myth or a fairy tale, but I have found it true and insightful, and I have applied the idea of the poisonous Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil right through the pages of this blog, where I have espoused it as the single most devastating influence on human happiness.
This tree of knowledge is what we call philosophy, or the thoughts of mankind, and you may read my twenty four part series on the subject starting here:
Like most of us, I have also been brought up with the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and everybody I know loves this story, but few understand the lesson it teaches. For me there is no difference between the practical, the dogmatic, the fairy tale, the myth, the dream, the conjecture and reality. I treat all these with respect and consideration. So, please bear with me while I bring Little Red Riding Hood into this narrative, which I want to use to explain the scene playing itself out in Eden – after all, this is a Sunday school lesson.
It is the age old story of jealousy, deceit and getting something for nothing by evil intent. I introduce you to the biggest swindler of all time named Satan.
He starts out by getting dominion over earth for nothing, which dominion belonged to Adam and Eve and by swindling Adam and Eve to believe his lies and by whetting their appetite for knowledge and power.
After this, when he meets up with Jesus Christ some four centuries later in the desert, he takes a fat chance to sell his ill begotten dominion of the earth to Jesus Christ in return for becoming King of the Universe, the inheritance of God's Son, and trying to get Jesus, as God incarnated, to worship him. This is as vile and sly as any conman can get.
I am going to use these two narratives which talks to the interface between the physical and the spiritual - the one of Red Riding Hood and the other about the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  They may seem to be two quite different stories and both may even seem like fairy tales, but on closer inspection and introspection, we will find that they are basically the same type of story. Both culminate in a scene of a conversation between an innocent party and an evil party, and about how the evil party convinces the innocent party to do something which will kill them, physically or spiritually in a very sly manner.
I will start off with the story of Red Riding Hood. She is young and innocent and takes a basket of cookies and tea to her sickly grandmother - what a noble and loving act! On arrival she finds Big Bad Wolf impersonating her grandmother in the bed where she expected her grandmother to be. She listens to him with his big mouth, and in her innocence she cannot nearly imagine in her wildest dreams that this friendly wolf wants to devour her. She does notice that his mouth is much bigger than her grandmother's, but the most important thing namely the loud mouthed tone of his voice and his deceitful words is missed by her. Had she but considered all the nuances of deception, she would have run, but he catches her in a moment of weakness, brought on by her love, sympathy, respect and compassion for her grandmother, and he devours an innocent and naive girl without blinking an eyelid.
The lesson of the tale is of course: 'Do not listen to a big or loud mouthed person, even if it is your grandmother.
Our attention now turns to the Garden of Eden
What happened so far:
The beautiful angel Lucifer was beloved by God and was one of three archangels. Being so venerated, he came to think he was just as good or better than God and he ventured to sit on the Mountain of God as God. 
God rejected him - partly for this arrogance, partly for his illegal trade in which he became super rich, and partly for his jealousy of God's Son. This rejection was so quick, decisive and fast, that an eye witness said it looked like a lightning bolt which struck from heaven while he was cast down onto earth (Luke 10:18).
There are a few things we need to know before we meet up with this serpent in paradise.
The first is that he could not appear on earth in his heavenly body. Plain physics requires of him to take on the form of a physical being.
He could have incarnated himself into the body of a human being, but there were only two human beings available for such an excursion or invention, and they were holy, because they have never sinned. An evil spirit cannot incarnate into a holy body as innocent as Red Riding Hood or Adam and Eve were. So he had to incarnate into the body of an animal which he could impersonated best, and that was the serpent. The bible story says that a serpent is more shrewd than all the animals.
The next thing we should know is that God uses the personality of animals when He wants to expose the traits of humans. For God a serpent is venomous and jealous, one of the first things we should know if we want to interpret dreams and visions.
So for this story, it does not matter what form the Devil took on, the fact is that God regarded him as a serpent, and so should Adam and Eve have. For them he should have been the Big Bad Wolf who wanted to devour them.
Due to their respect for the Garden of God and in their innocence and naivety, in a moment of weakness, they believed this Big Bad Wolf, whilst they should have listened to the tone of this big mouthed liar, now an enemy of God and thus of Adam and Eve, and remembering his recent humiliating encounter with God he said: 
‘If you listen to me you will become like God. God did not tell you this because He is jealous and do not want you to become like Him.'
He discreetly omitted to say that God would then throw them out of the Garden of the God – Eden, the way he was cast off the Mountain of God.
These are all lies. God does not mind us becoming like Him, because He made us in His image and He wants us to be like Him, or at least conforming to Jesus Christ.
This is also the story con people tell us still today when they wish to strip us of what we have or are.
This is in essence the story as it is written for us to understand on a very basic level, just like Red Riding Hood is to be understood on a very basic level.
We are now ready to understand why God may and sometimes reject us like  He rejected Satan and Saul.

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