17 Jan 2020

To Virashni - a birthday poem

To Virashni - by P.K. Odendaal - January 2020
There was a lady fair and kind
Who found it easy to make up her mind
Knowing who and what she wanted to be
In this dark world where she's unfettered and free

 To pursue anything learning can bring
Quite opposite counterparts who are ruled by their hearts
Whether she's strong and stout I never will doubt
In the end it’s not what she surmounts, but the effort which counts
It’s rare in a twirl to find such a girl
With a passion for things without any strings
As one can observe by people who serve
The young and the keen in this time of their teen
Ignorant and naive in all they achieve
And someday to find that she has been kind
To give them a start with all of her heart
Through all of the year as she walked with some fear
Going to extremes for the man of her dreams
Not realizing that her bread lay instead
In developing her mind as a gift to mankind
Yet in this cursed land she lived as if banned
Her dignity thrust like dirt in the dust
In poorness and pain like one who's in shame
She rose above all and always walked tall
As you cannot forever stop her endeavour
To rise to the top as the cream of the crop.

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