11 Jan 2020

The Cause of Chaos

The Cause of Chaos
by P.K. Odendaal
January 2020.

It is all about boundaries, values and direction. Where are we going and do we know what is the space we are operating in?

This is the basics of life - and yet, so few people know these basics or stick to it and oh, how unimportant and inconsequential do we treat or regard these.

Direction, values and boundaries are generally and unfortunately not for us. We will rather roam all around other people's land, other people's business and other people's private life with other people’s money.

Wandering wherever this road may take us and getting us nowhere fast or at all, is good enough for us. Losing focus and getting lost is our main activity. If we do not know where we are going, we will end up there - saying we found nothing while we looked for nothing.

Is starts so subtly with 'anything goes' on this globe, like the Romantic Era and the French Revolution, where everyone wants to be everything whilst almost no-one is prepared to be anything real, human and kind.

And yet ... it is so easy to get direction and seek the boundaries and stick to it. I do not say the boundaries must remain the same. Of course it will and must change, but we must be in charge of that change, know what the risks and opportunities are and know how to manage it.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Lets us start with the senseless division of gender. We were created man and woman or male and female, and so were all of animate things. Now we have six genders namely ‘LBGTQI?’ meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and questioning. I see no male and female in that classification, so what happened to all of us who wanted to remain male and female? How did we lose our gender without our consent? How did we land up in this chaos?

The next thing is that we will become QWERTY - the random distribution of alpha numeric characters on a keyboard in stead of human characters on this planet - and all which will be left for us will then be to become a  number like 24601 – a nameless person in jail for stealing a mouthful of bread, who eventually shouted out one day:

Who am I?
Can I conceal myself for evermore?
Pretend I'm not the man (gender) I was before?
And must my name (gender) until I die
Be no more than an alibi

Must I lie?

Is that where we want to go?

I do not want to be any of these and strive valiantly to remain a male human being with hope, love, kindness and pain – the way I was created. One knowing perfectly well what is the purpose, values, direction, boundaries and calling for that.

Anything else is fake and chaos and not for real.

People are either blind or can see. Nuances like astigmatism, colour blindness, not looking, having the wrong glasses on, blinkers and myopia do not place them in other categories of seers. It creates chaos by removing the boundaries.

Pushing the boundaries, however, is my preferred mode of living. I will never be happy with fixed boundaries. I think that boundaries are there to be pushed, but I will always keep my eyes on north and on well known boundaries, so to speak, to jump back into my comfort zone. Veering into unknown territory is dangerous without a moral compass and without boundaries.

And that brings us to the age old problem of exploring new terrain without precedent. Using our free will to do anything and rushing in where angels fear to tread. What do we base our decisions on to push ahead or back down when things get rough as they so often do?

Man is an explorer and will try anything at least once. A case in point is the anticipated trip to Mars. Without being a devil’s advocate, those explorers must not reckon on returning. But I know even with knowing that, they would go.

To return to a more tangible idea of order and chaos, the following:

Order is respecting boundaries, types, direction and principles. Chaos is to remove boundaries, types, direction and principles, as I explained above, by people purporting to prove that we are all the same.

We are not! We are not cattle or trees, and even they respect their boundaries.

To say that sane people and normal people are the same people is just not true. To quote from G.K. Chesterton: The madman who thinks he's a knife cannot go into partnership with the other who thinks he's a fork. There is no trysting place outside reason; there is no inn on those wild roads that are beyond the world.

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  1. Boundaries is a subject near to my heart, I grew up in a house with hardly any boundaries and I have witnessed the ensuing chaos happening with in-laws taking over our family.
    The little I have learnt about boundaries from my upbringing is, it worked against me, like eating watermelon.
    My Father used to cut watermelon in wedges and we had to eat the wedges before we could touch the crown. One day I bought a watermelon for my friends and after cutting it in wedges, my friends ate the crown and I was stuck with the wedges.
    If we don`t adhere to the same boundaries we will always live in discord.