26 Oct 2019

An Ode to God - no. 2

An Ode to God – No. 2 – by P.K. Odendaal – October 2019

I stand in awe when endued and by God imbued
Who is so tall and care of things so small
and not as you and I who sometimes lie
and shield our shame while pursuing fame

Pretending to be humble whilst inside we stumble
Over things miniscule such as shame and ridicule
Forgetting that we were not meant to be
perfect and true but somewhat askew
in our minds and our works with some other quirks

We are not here to be venerated, but to be regenerated
to His image which we adore now and for evermore.
we became soiled when we were embroiled
In a war of attrition with life as pre-condition,
forced into submission by our indiscretion
by the Devil and his cronies who are all phonies

To sins and desires which brought us fires
of our own making which left us despondent and shaking
whilst all the while there was cause for a smile
as He joined us for the ride and remained on our side.

To see that we remain pure and without shame
In everything we lost, sometimes at great cost
And to arrive at last free from our past
At heaven's gate where angels wait

To welcome us back from our bivouac
Where we had to endure just to make sure
That heaven is a place where we can find grace
To live without strife for the rest of our life

Unencumbered by grief, pain and disbelief
And free from the abnegation of the devil's desecration.

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