8 Jul 2019

Love of my life – Part 13 – A poem

Love of my life – Part 13 – A poem by P.K. Odendaal – July 2019
If you think you are smart and follow your heart
There's one way my friend this story will end
It will drench you in tears for another few years
before you follow your mind and return to be kind

I started this venture as a sort of debenture
giving long term yields in various fields
but it was not to be as you shortly will see
if you care to glance at part two by some chance

It is stated there and without doubt be aware
that a love that has died will never abide 
and will never bring rest in our lifelong quest
although it will rise at the smallest surprise
when you thought it was dead but lives on instead

I was warned decades past that this love will not last
or to put it quite straight it would quickly abate
as I still stand in awe of the vision I saw
protecting her wards by angels with swords

And that made me leave without any grief
as time then flew by with many a sigh
till we met once again with another refrain
when I was shown another dream with the same theme

That things will go rough when she had enough
or someone will find out what its all about
landing us in trouble when she bursts that bubble
not that we've transgressed as you may have guessed

By just the thought that we could have been caught
thinking that we might meet once out of sight
it was never my plan to be part of such scam
by taking for granted that a seed had been planted

So up and away, I'll understand it one day
Not wanting to suffer things which are tougher
That what I went through in the previous coup
When I was still blind and out of my mind.

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