The Perfect World

The Perfect World - by P.K.Odendaal - August 2013 

Taken from the idea of The Perfect Storm - which was not so perfect.
If there is something I will definitely not like, it would be a perfect world. I cannot imagine the boredom and lack of creativeness that will accompany a perfect world. In a perfect world there will not be any improvement, development, creative space or new ideas possible, because by definition it is perfect and cannot be improved.
I shudder at the thought.
And then we want to know why God did not make the world perfect, being a perfect God. He had no alternative if he wanted to give us free will. In a perfect world free will not mean anything for anyone. The world was specifically made imperfect by God so that we could become creators like Him. Wonderful! And what was to be our main praise to God has precisely become our main critique of His creation. We are totally wrong. Sorry God!
And that is also exactly the reason why we are not perfect. We are given the chance to complete our own creation by improving and developing ourselves, because one day we will be perfect - we were ordained to be perfect ultimately. And if we improve ourselves to a better model of what we were born as, we will indeed become creators in our own right. What a wonderful opportunity. If we die one day and say that we are as returning to the soil as we came from it, then we have miserably and dismally failed in our task to create and develop ourselves. And the beauty of it all is that we can develop ourselves in a mental, emotional and spiritual way, because those properties in us will last forever. That is why sport is so useless to us. There is no way we can take our speed, agility and physical strength with us. That type of thing is for our ego, not for our development.
But our soul and what we have accomplished meta-physically will never die. And that is why I do not listen to agnostics and atheists. To kill a spirit like we have when we die, is a waste of time. There is something more to it.
What really fascinates me is that this world is so exciting, beautiful, wonderful and full of opportunity even in its imperfect state!
I think the two most outstanding features of God are His free will and His creativeness. And - you guessed it - He has endowed mankind with the same. He has given us His best characteristics so that we can be like Him - and that is how I understand how and why we were made in His image.
I previously liked to think that God has limited our free will and creativeness, so that He can overrule us if He does not like what we think and what we do and what we make, but on reflection I find that He does has not. In fact, when one really thinks about it, He is often overruled by our free will and our creativeness - well … that is giving us authority and dominion big time!
On earth, I admit, our resources and ingenuity and influence is limited - although thinking of the Atomic Bomb and the fact that we can move mountains with a little faith, I might be wrong. Also, this is not the end - as it is said - everything will work out in the end - if it has not worked out, it is not the end. We will one day be endowed with much more than we have now, without limit, as the parable of the talents tells us.