What's in a dream.

What's in a dream.
Written for those who can hang on to things unreal, who can be irrational, like the numbers I spoke of previously. Suppose we are someone called Pi - an irrational unvulgar and real person.
In this next phase of our quest for reality we look at dreams - and when is a dream so distant that we cannot believe in it anymore.
One thing I do firmly believe in though, is that beware what you dream - it will become reality one day - but does that apply to all dreams ?
There are many dreams and maybe they are all the same - what makes them different - why would they not all be the same.
Firstly we may almost safely say that reality and dreams are opposites, but we have tried to climb this slippery slope of opposites previously - so we cannot be too sure, but let's start out from that premise.
So, to come to dreams we need to know what reality is, before we can get to its opposite. We all know (quite erroneously) that something which exists is real, therefore something that does not exist cannot be real. It may surprise you that this view was held by scientists for thousands of years and it is still being held by them, and nothing is further from the truth than that.
If I may explain. Matter only exists when its speed is less than the speed of light. So, things that move faster than the speed of light cannot exist.
I cannot accept such a flawed statement. If I think of our far away stars, say one which is a thousand million light years away, it means I cannot think of it for a thousand million years, because nothing moves faster than light, but still I know I can think of it in one second. For me it exists in my thought, not in my dreams.
If it exists in my thought then it exists for me, or do you want me to go into thoughts of God, or tell me God is not real.
This slippery slope is now almost unclimbable, but still we need to try.
Is a thought and a dream then different ? I do not think so. What would make them different ?
The answer to all this is our warped, one-sided, false idea of reality. If we think reality is what we feel and see, then we live in a very limited world.
Reality does not depend on that we can feel and see, but in which frame or state we are in - and this is not technical. To become somewhat technical, we need to understand that there are different worlds for different creatures.
A creature living in Point Land (a domain where there are no dimensions) would only think of a point as reality. A creature living in Line Land (a domain where there is only one dimension) has no reality idea of a flat surface. A creature which lives in Flat Land has no reality concept of a sphere, and we who live so ignorantly in Cube Land, have no clear idea of what a super sphere is (a construct only real in four dimensions). So, we foolishly think creation's dimensions stopped with us. Just to make things difficult I will let you know that there are n (unlimted) dimensions in Hilbert Space.
Do I have your attention - please !!!
We cannot evaluate reality from our limited framework of only three dimensions. So, we cannot assess reality or pretend to know we know the difference between dreams and reality.
For us, the difference between reality and dreams are not definable even.
But shall I confuse you even more. If I dream that I dream - how far from our own reality would that be ? Like someone making a movie/film of a movie/film that is made of a fictional subject (say of aliens). How far must that fiction be removed from reality before it becomes a (pipe) dream.
If I come back to my previous conclusion about Nothing, I once again conclude that a dream is not Nothing, and that there is no such thing as Nothing - everything is something and therefore a reality, even if it seems real only in certain worlds.