15 Feb 2021

The Invulnerability of Weakness

No, it is not a contradiction in terms. It is a truth that is hidden. 

We normally, conventionally and socially revere the opposite. We are so quick in pushing the weakling aside, ignore and pity him or her and move on. For us weakness is a shame - in others and in us. It just does not make sense to praise or tolerate weakness, much less revere it.

13 Jan 2021

May wind - a poem by Sarah Teasdale

 “I said, "I have shut my heart

   As one shuts an open door,

  That Love may starve therein

   And trouble me no more."

  But over the roofs there came

   The wet new wind of May,

  And a tune blew up from the curb

   Where the street-pianos play.

  My room was white with the sun

   And Love cried out in me,

  "I am strong, I will break your heart

   Unless you set me free.”