7 Jun 2021

The Fall of the Western Empire

 ... or How the West was won.

No, I am not trying to imitate or emulate Gibbon who wrote six volumes on the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire some hundred and fifty years ago.

My aim is to write about the fall of the present West which has started some thirty years ago when the Cold War ended.
During the Cold War, the West saw to it that they outstripped the East in armaments and economic production, but they sadly lost the edge when the enemy of then became their friends of now, and started to produce the commodities of the West with a vigour far in excess of the production of the West.
Wars are only won on production ability and capacity. The country which produces the most and the fastest will remain the stronger power.
The West lost that capacity some years ago and under Trump the USA tried to reverse that process, but it was too little and too late.
The end is easily foretold.
The West will have to borrow money from the East to buy armaments from them to fight them. It is a non starter.
Centuries ago the West expanded all over the World, but they lost that appetite.The East now has that expansionist policy in the world, whilst the West had an isolationist and supportive policy towards anyone.
It did not work. Just read the work of Jean Paul Sartre about the master / slave relationship and how the master becomes the slave and how that slave who became the master fell into the trap of becoming a slave again.
Genghis Kahn, where are you! Only a nation like yours can bring salvation to the world's Western powers. Attila, where are you. Alexander the Great where are you?
Why do I talk about war. Please show me any arera in the history of the world which had no war. War resets the world, cleanses people, brings unthinkable technological advances, brings massive employment and results in massive development or redevelopment programs when it ends in unsatisfactory armistices.
War is tops ... but it has the downside of killing and mutilating people. Maybe it is the way of the world to rid itself from disaster. I am a pacifist and do not like to see how people are killed and maimed, but it is bound to happen in any era.
So sit back and watch the East rise to a formidable economic and military power and wait ... for the fall of the Eastern Empire after that. The cycle of life and rise and fall of populations as proposed by Mathus cannot be refuted.
The West is falling at speed. Just look who dictates policy and Woke in the USA. It cannot be sustained - only production can sustain.
What are the consequences?
We are going to lose civilization, that fragile fabric keeping nations together and well. Civilization almost disappeared in the Dark ages, and we were saved by the skin of our teeth, as Kenneth Clark so ably propounded.
Will civilization outlive the present onslaught?
I do not think so.
We never learn from history.

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