29 Apr 2021

God's Dilemma - Part 1

 In the scheme of things God created everything and that made Him King of the Universe with anything He created becoming subservient to Him ... but it also automatically made Him alone and lonesome with no peer, friend, compatriot, confidante, family, adviser and many other things; not that He needed it, but the human part of Him needed someone to talk to, to confide in, to be friends with, to adore and love Him seriously and unconditionally. To be really one with Him.

28 Apr 2021

Please remember to forget

You might have gotten used to me teaching the opposite of the teaching of convention and conventional wisdom; maybe it's the way I try to forget convention which takes me into this domain where senses must be reinterpreted and tested.

G.K. Chesterton once wrote that the madman is not one who has lost his senses, but one who has lost everything except his senses.

Pent up love will explode in your heart

Love is in your heart ... let it fly ...

What we all have in abundance, is love stashed away somewhere in the deep chasms of our inner being and it will on the least provocation open its eyes and rear its beautiful head, making itself ready to explode into something beautiful, long before we realise it.

No, this statement is not from a science fiction film, a western thriller, a Hollywood soapie or a new fashion.

26 Apr 2021

To be or not to be .... Part 1

How many times have we used this expression, or heard someone use it. We might even know that it comes from a Shakespeare play, and we might even know it comes from his play: 'The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark', but mostly our knowledge ends there, and we might not know the meaning or context of it.