11 Dec 2011

Life in the Afternoon - Part 6 - Cry freedom

Life in the Afternoon - Part 6 - Cry Freedom Revamped.

by P.K.Odendaal. 23 October 2011.

I have inserted some disconcerting paragraphs on freedom in the middle of this article recently.

Part 6 - Cry freedom.

I do not know much about crying and even less about freedom, but I can see that all over the world people who are seeking freedom, people who have freedom, and people who do not know what freedom is, is Crying Freedom. I also Cry Freedom. but why?

2 Dec 2011

Life in the Afternoon - Part 5 - Mapping

Life in the Afternoon - much more than a story of soaring - and reflections of that on my life by P.K.Odendaal. 23 October 2011.

Part 5 - Mapping.
Joburg ATC :    Alfa Sierra Kilo, no 'known traffic' to affect your flight up to flight level 150.

ASK21 (me) :   Copied, Alfa Sierra Kilo.

'Known traffic' - yes - that's the keyword and the reason why I wear a parachute when I fly a glider. If they do not know about traffic due to some pilot not calling them, it is not 'known traffic', meaning that if one of these unknown traffic objects hit me in mid-air by chance, it will not be their responsibility - it will only be me who will be doing the dying. I know that there are normally, over weekends, other gliders in this airspace who do not talk to ATC, so I wear a parachute in the not so unlikely event of a mid-air collision. If you go from A to B, the chances of a mid-air collision are very slim, but if you linger in one area going up and down and circling, it becomes a hazard that you must watch out for.