20 May 2021

Self inflicted wounds - Part1 - Freedom

I have written a few articles on freedom and my view has always been, and will always be, that everybody cries for freedom and that freedom kills. So I must presume the paradoxical corollary that everyone wishes to be killed, but nobody wishes to be dead is true.

9 May 2021

Have you seen the Saviour: a poem

 Have you seen the Saviour

hanging from a tree
Have you watched the Saviour
who died for you and me
Have you heard the Saviour
pleading for the lost
Have you thought the Saviour
wouldn't pay the total cost

3 May 2021

God's Dilemma - Part 3

Continued from Part 2 ... 

 So, why can't I apply this principle to my friendship with God. The reason is that in this case God has the authority and it would be up to Him to relinquish that. I studied scripture and came to the following sobering thoughts:

1. God gave up all his authority (dominion) over the earth, in order to be friends with Adam and Eve, regardless of whether they would trade it for an apple or use it wisely.

God's Dilemma - Part 2

Continued from Part 1 ...

It was a very strange and difficult process to unlearn all I had learned in the Dutch Reformed Church. It got so bad that I ultimately realised that all I learned was wrong and I became used to doing and believing all the opposite things  which that Church taught me, knowing that it would be right. There are, of course, righteous people in that Church as well who serve God with all their might, but it did not work for a rebel like me.

The Decay of Lying: a Protest

 I have recently found this gem in the collective works of Oscar Wilde. It is a must read for my readers. After a hundred and twenty years it is still very apt.

A foretaste:

Egotism itself, which is so necessary to a proper sense of human dignity, is entirely the result of indoor life. Out of doors one becomes abstract and impersonal. One’s individuality absolutely leaves one. ... Whenever I am walking in the park here, I always feel that I am no more to her than the cattle that browse on the slope, or the burdock that blooms in the ditch.