20 May 2021

Self inflicted wounds - Part1 - Freedom

I have written a few articles on freedom and my view has always been, and will always be, that everybody cries for freedom and that freedom kills. So I must presume the paradoxical corollary that everyone wishes to be killed, but nobody wishes to be dead is true.

And that is the paradox and dichotomy of freedom. It is a two sided sword which kills, no matter in which direction it swings. And what is more is that freedom and revolutions are bedfellows. The latter always kills its mother and children, and so the former always kills the party wielding it and its children. 

We just need to look at the headlines of history, leaving the detail to other people to figure out why. 

Shall I quote a few. 

'Fifty five million people were killed in WWll' - a war in which the german people fought for their freedom (and maybe a bit more than their freedom) taken away from them by the injustice of the Treaty of Versailles. I hear you say that it was not the german people, but a madman called Hitler, but I might remind you that Hitler got 99% of the vote in an unrigged election.

What about this one: 'Thirteen million people were killed in WWl' or 'Three hundred thousand people were killed in Syria recently. There were thousands of these killing sprees in the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution, the Argentinian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. Ghastly but true.

So, why does anyone wish to exchange bondage for death. I am just asking ... sorry. And all of those people who were in bondage gave up their freedom voluntarily for nothing. Sold it down the river.

Oh, you do not agree!

Did you vote in your country's last national election? That day you once again gave your freedom away to a group of embezzler's called politicians, and you wish to tell me that they can look after your personal interests much better than you can do for yourself?

It is like these financial brokers who invest your money in squandering sprees of corporate greed and give you a miniscule kickback from their lucrative gains on it, whilst you could have gotten returns multiple times in excess of that, had you but the inclination and energy to do that. In fact, zillions of people have lost all their money in those schemes and in schemes like insurance and other pyramid schemes for instance.

In the process of voting we are losing our personal freedom and in the investment scam we are losing our economic freedom.

Each of us were endowed with many talents to provide for our own livelyhoods, but we entrust or bury it in the misguided talents of others.

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