20 Aug 2019

Atheism - the biggest delusion

Atheism – the biggest delusion - by P.K. Odendaal – August 2019

Just look at this!

This is a light truck manufactured by one of the best light truck manufacturers in the world. The latest technology, computers and design engineers in the world designed this. It took them days and years to come to this design, strength, beauty and robustness. The best we as mankind has on offer. It had beautiful lines when it was manufactured and was almost perfectly manufactured, but objects in the universe scolded it.

7 Aug 2019

Adult Sunday School - Part 23 - Paradise

The Eight destinations  after death – Part 3 – Paradise - by P.K. Odendaal – August 2019
We are continuing our excursion into places we might go to after death and next it is Paradise’s turn, a name we associate with bliss.
The central theme of the whole Bible is Paradise Lost in Genesis and Paradise regained in Revelation, but what a long and treacherous route that is. Some of us lose our way there and end up in other destinations which I write about in other parts of this series.
That is such a sorry state of affairs, but fully understandable due to the fact that the way leading there it is so narrow and beset with crooks and diverse temptations, most of all by our own choice and making. We are literally the masters of our fate and it should not be difficult to recognize the evil which meet us on our way to Paradise.

Love of my Life – Part 15 – A poem

Love of my Life – Part 15 – A poem by P.K. Odendaal – August 2019

Here we go once again with the same old refrain
Of desire and pain which are all still the same
For a purpose so alaine as an old steam train
But the dream that she had made us both feel bad

As a chance which went by like an unheard sigh
The gist of the dream was to be my queen
For ever and ever in bonds which won't sever
But this dream was too late to consecrate
And must be a sign of our long lost prime