16 Apr 2018

How did our love start

How did our love start? – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – September 2017

If I think of how we met, how can I then forget?
That it was both you and I who wanted to give it a try
Not that we thought it would bring us aught
Or that we had some notion it would stir an emotion

We just happened to gel before we could tell
What was the next step after we have met?
I asked you by the way if we could meet another day
To which you made known that you were also alone

An Ode to God - No. 1

An Ode to God – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – August 2016.

For a mere mortal like me, and a very ignorant one at that, I can make no other rational deduction than that God had created Himself. It is therefore with humility and wonder that I composed this Ode to God:

O, wondrous God, what happened on the instant you made yourself?
There were no mountains to tremble or thunders to rejoice,
There was no human or angel to bow before and adore you,
Yet the greatest miracle of all was born without a sigh.

An Ode to Life

An Ode to Life – a poem by P.K.Odendaal – April 2018

Soft, tell me how you find life's purpose and life's mind
Are you the one who says life's fruits are all a mess
Let me not hear that you heart is full of fear
Because you doubt what life is all about

You tell me that life is pain and only grief remain
That the good that you have done did benefit no one
And each time you tried to rejoice it was with a hollow voice
Yet all the suffering and shame was repeated again and again

13 Apr 2018

Love is not love which alters ...

Love is not love which alters .. – a poem by P.K. Odendaal – April 2018

And so it came as a fright to my senses last night
That love is not free as I thought it to be 
Love is not love when we have to defend the feelings we have to pretend
And to know it is there in moments we care

To entertain a notion when we know that emotion
Is an impostor when such feelings we foster.
And should not drive our fate when our love turns to hate

If we say that we love when we are not so sure
Is more than our frail souls can endure