5 Jun 2021

A place in the Son

 This is a short spiritual and intellectual note about who God is and who I am - or more generally who we are, because in a certain sense we are all generically and genetically the same - humans floating somewhere in space and time in one of the spiral arms of the galaxy called the Milky Way.

Our view of ourselves is totally warped as we see ourselves as here and God as there. We think that we and God are different entities - that God is all and that we are (almost) nothing.
That is a total delusion.

Firstly, I need to address it intelectually.
God has made the universe and all creations of God are finite.
This follows logically from the fact that If God would have created an infinite entity, that entity would also be God.
God would not do that as He wants to be the only God as He says so often in Scripture.
Although the universe as a physical thing is finite, as all physical things are, it is still part of an infinite God because space is filled with the spirit of God, which we call the ether.
The physical universe together with the ether thus becomes infinite and thus part of an infinite God.
So, in this sense the universe is infinite. And so are we a part of God as His spirit dwells in us. We can never be over here with God over there.

Now for the spiritual and religious part.
God says in scripture that He (as Christ) is all and in all, which is exactly the sane as what I said above. Col. 3:11.
Romans 12:5 : So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. (as Christ is in God).
We thus have a place in the Son - and therefore in God! QED.

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