9 May 2021

Have you seen the Saviour: a poem

 Have you seen the Saviour

hanging from a tree
Have you watched the Saviour
who died for you and me
Have you heard the Saviour
pleading for the lost
Have you thought the Saviour
wouldn't pay the total cost
Satan licked his lips
as he's fingering the tips
thinking it's his day
to put the Son away
Little does he know
that it never will be so
that his reckoning has come
for the evil he has done
as he didn't find the etiquette
to repent with supplication
as he piled up massive debt
to anger God's creation
For hate and blood are red
if you start to settle debt
or when you try to count the dead

But we instead of death and strife
inherited abundant grace and life
whilst his abode will just be dread
when Jesus crush his evil head

Have they thanked the Saviour
when they rolled the dice
to bereave Him of His garment
as if it was a human sacrifice

He was still in tears
when they smashed His ears
and He was still in doubt
what the cross was all about
and He was never sure
how much pain He would endure

The verdict which they cast
would wipe away the past
of every saint and sinner
until the very last

He didn't cease to pray
when blood ran down His brow 
and He did not shy away
to fulfill God's ancient vow

He did not take revenge
on those who abused the Bench
He did not scoff their banns
when Pilate washed his hands

He took it in His stride
when the cock crew once outside
after Peter thrice denied
he was on the Saviour's side
when the damsel asked him please
were you never one of these
pretending not to know
that Jesus said it would be so
alas he turned around
as his bitter tears abound

They tried to find Him guilty
and drag Him into Hell
and did not stop to think
He was going there to tell
those in chains and fetters
that they'll be free at last
as long as they were willing
to accept His wounds and scars

Have you found the Saviour
and taken His advice
Are you conscious that the Saviour
Made and bought you twice
Do you trust the Saviour
and take Him as your friend
until you reach that haven
where tears and sorrow end

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