10 Apr 2020

Oneness and Holism

Oneness and Holism

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.(John 17:21)

It is Easter weekend 2020, and this weekend always inspires me to think deeper into things than our physical existence. My most notable writing, and one of my ten most read articles is ‘The Lamb of God’, appearing elsewhere in this blog, which details the activities almost two thousand years ago, on this weekend. But ... I am cutting it much wider this time.
See http://pkodendaal.blogspot.com/2012/10/adult-sunday-school-part-15-lamb-of-god.html

Our provincialism, starting with science and ending with politics, clouds are brains!
We should rather embrace the oneness of the universe, which has so much more to offer as the empiricism of this planet.
The enemies of oneness and holism are empiricism, privacy, confidentiality, self interest, politics, the present physical sciences, those resources of the planet which I regard as mine - like mineral and natural wealth, my own life, my own treasures, my intransigence and ego, and time.
If we start at empiricism, we find that it is such a widespread malady or universal virus, and that everyone of us succumbs to it in one or another way. Time is a very good example. There are domains in this physical and meta-physical universe and multiverse where time does not even exist, and yet we subdivide it into nanoseconds. Ninety five percent of our lives are influenced by physical things, and yet physical things only make up five percent of the universe.
We go so far as basing our own established scientific laws on local phenomena to preclude universal phenomena.
A case in point is for a pre-historic human, and only for such a human I dare to believe, to postulate that the sun does not shine at night, whilst the truth is that the sun never stops shining.
In our own time it is similarly very easy for scientists to make the same type of mistake by the process call empiricism, basing apparently successful physical laws on the flawed and false premises of other mainstream laws - and for the same reasons as the pre-historic human’s postulate regarding the sun.
I will not even touch on the pre-historic interpretation as the sun as a god, which apparently slept during the night.
The speed of light is another such fallacy. It is believed that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant and that it is the ultimate maximum speed anything can reach or attain. On the other side of that speed limit, literally nothing can exist.
However, don’t forget this: Some clairvoyant people can telepathically connect with other such people in an instant at zillions of miles in less than nanoseconds. In fact, I can think of the end of the universe in less than a nanosecond. If you are a physicist in today’s market, you are not even allowed to believe in the meta-physical world, meta-physical beings or meta-physical communication. Well ... that is the ultimate provincial viewpoint.
Presently, there is some progress in the scientific exploration of space or nothingness, and the first results seem promising. When radio waves was first discovered, it was thought that it, together with and light and gravity, needed a medium to travel through and we called that the ether. Michelson-Morley in about 1887 measured the speed of light and done away with the necessity of an ether. Guess what, we are back at the ether – not fully and fundamentally still, but we are on our way.
The essence of a God cannot be manifested if there is not an ether, or as we call it the Spirit of God. If we believe in God, we know there is an ether, as He speaks to us through the ether, and He probably is it. I know of many spiritual manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the animate and physical world. How else could it happen?

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