Philosophy - the downfall of mankind - Part 8 - The Forces of God

Philosophy Part 8 – The forces of God – by P.K.Odendaal – 1 May 2012

You should not doubt that, even whilst what I served you in the previous part, also started out as nothing, because God created everything from nothing. If we look at the accepted dogma of the creation of the earth, we find basically that the whole universe was founded and formed from nothing but Light and the Forces instituted by God.
What is a force? Nothing you will ever be able to see or measure or experience – therefore nothing in terms of the belief of our philosophers which we now leave with a sense of sadness for them, and a thankfulness for the prime position we now know we have inherited for free. Life and Love eternal.
How do we do know there are forces ? We look at behaviour like the philosophers did – and we only think they are forces, because they seem to disturb the normal state of rest of things or change their state of inertia. That is why we call them forces.

To illustrate this point. Newton discovered the Force of Gravity which he attached semantically and incorrectly, to the mass of a body. Although his formula of how that force affected mass, was almost perfect, he and we never could define the physical or meta-physical properties of that force or its location. Years later Einstein proved that it would be semantically better to attach this force of gravity to space-time – still not perfect, because something is still missing. We will never know. These forces are like the presence of God – always there, always constant, always invisible and always sure. We have yet to prove that a certain force, as cause, does not have a certain effect. But that .. dear reader … scientists will never tell you.
Note added 5 August 2014.

It is thought by scientists that the force of Gravity itself is hidden, attached or embedded in some boson. That is factually incorrect. It that was so, then matter would have ruled the universe and the atheists would have a field day. But, we know that there are others things which rule the world and two of them are love and hatred - so where does simple matter come in?

More rationally it is obvious that a thing cannot be smaller in posture and authority than the force which it exerts. Therefore matter cannot be the master of gravity, and gravity is so large and all encompassing, that it can only come from the highest authority which is God. Even if God laid down laws which govern gravity and which is unchanging, we know that God can intervene in these forces, and thus the origen of the forces is God Himself.

The forces I wish to posit in this article are :
1.     Gravity.
2.     The Electro-magnetic force – also called the Quantum electro dynamics – again due to the change in semantics of its origin.
3.     The weak and strong Nuclear Forces.
4.     Love.

Let us start with Gravity, the most pervasive and best known to us.
As I said above, we can never see or touch or influence or destroy or escape the influence of this force or say it does not exist, or locate its origin or pretend it does not exist – and come to think of it – do you know of a better description of God? Yet all people on earth believe in gravity and count on it – but not so many in God. Why is this?
People want positive physical proof that God exists, but they do not mind that the same required proof of Gravity is not there. Just ask an Atheist why they believe in Gravity – as they do – without being able to prove its exists in that sense.
Can a force exist on its own? No. Just switch off your computer – or the power generation plant and see what happens. There is no power left – be it electro-magnetic power or electric power. Something needs to constantly drive any force – it cannot exist without an underlying force generator.
And it is thus only logical and rational if I posit that these forces are God – having exactly the same properties as what we ascribe to God, but limited in their presence and quantum. No one force can be God, as God's forces cannot contain Him – and are only emanating from Him, but we notice His presence through His forces. If we study the nature of Gravity, we do not look at Gravity itself – we cannot  – we can only look at its effect on bodies with mass. And similarly, if we wish to study God, we only need to look at His effect on Creation and on mankind specially, the crown of creation.

Let us try and quantity these forces and see if we can. There are only five – as far as I can establish.
Gravity – easy to quantify – it is 9.81m/s² – depending on the distribution of mass on the earth. It is there, it is finite, it is sure. It affects humans in a significant way, but also all other matter.
Weak Nuclear force. This force is much larger than Gravity, and its strength depends on its distance to its neighbour, but it cannot act more than 1mm away from its position. It acts only to about 10-16 m from its location and then only 1032 times greater than Gravity – as if that is weak!. This force does not affect humans directly.
Electro-magnetic force. It is a massive force,  about 1036 times greater than Gravity and it can work on an infinite distance – wow! But still its value is finite. This force does not affect humans directly.
Strong Nuclear Force. This is the largest quantifiable force known to us, being 1038 stronger than Gravity, but its reach is very short – only up to 2x10-15 m away. But still it is finite and cannot reach far. It does not affect humans directly.
Love. This is the strongest force ever experienced by humans, and its value is thought to be infinite and it also works over an infinite distance. As far as we know this force only affects humans and as can be seen, it is far superior to any of the other forces, and the reason for this is that it is the main force of the universe – and that is why it is called God. God is Love. Argument completed.
Is it not insightful that all of mankind talks about love, sings about love and desires to be loved or to be under its influence? You should too, because it conquers all.
Here is its lyric.
God is love
I feel it in the air around me
God is love
I can see it in the heaven above me
God is love
All nations doth agree
But the greatest proof of His love to me
Is Calvary