Philosophy - the downfall of man - Part 3 - Heisenberg and Gödel

Philosophy - the downfall of man - Part 3 - Heisenberg and Gödel
by P.K.Odendaal - 2 April 2012.

If you wonder why God hides Himself so successfully, here are some of the answers. Of course we will not know all, but I think we know enough to understand that. And before I dive into technical stuff, the first and foremost reason is so obvious.

God created everything and is omnipotent and omnipowerful (?), so everything he created or still creates is of necessity subordinate to Him.
On the other hand He is human and has all the (good) emotional and intellectual qualities of mankind, having created mankind in His image. So, yes, he has lots of love and care, but loving and caring for people who are your subjects, are not as fulfilling as loving and caring for your peers - ask dictators. And that is the reasons why He made us in His image and that He became man himself - difficult as it is to comprehend - but still - look at the manger and the cross.

The next step is that He cannot reveal Himself in any physical way, being our peers and friends. As soon as we see Him in all his glory, we will immediately become His subjects again, thereby losing His friendship and communion. So He had to hide Himself in a subtle and ingenious way. He mainly did that by creating two different worlds - one that we live in, and an invisible part of Him, and another which He lives in and an invisible part of us.

In fact, the lines are so strictly drawn that He, nor any Angel, nor Satan, can appear in our world if they do not have a physical body - and likewise, we cannot appear in His world if we do not have a heavenly body. And that is the reason Satan had to appear as a serpent in the Garden of Eden, because there was no human body available who was prepared to allow him to enter their body and wherein he could then appear. Similarly God had to appear in a human body and had to be born through man into our physical world in the form of Jesus Christ. People think He came to earth as a God, but that is not correct - our world can only accommodate physical human bodies, and that is why scripture says in : Col 2:9 For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And that is also why people entering a séance become victims of Satan unknowingly, not knowing how to conduct themselves in the heavenly world without heavenly bodies and without a guide like Jesus Christ who knows that world so well.

And now for more scientific stuff.

Heisenberg was a physicist, who worked on nuclear particles and he discovered a strange phenomenon when measuring the mass and position of those particles. It implies that it is impossible to simultaneously measure the present position while also determining the future motion of a particle, or of any system small enough to require quantum mechanical treatment. It means that whilst he could measure the motion and mass of a particle, he could not do it simultaneously or on the same particle. As soon as he measured its mass, its motion was not possible to ascertain anymore, having been disturbed in the mass measurement - and vice versa - the two are mutually exclusive. This is called the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle.

Therefore we should not be surprised to read in scripture : Exo 33:20  And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. One cannot see God and stay alive - the two are mutually exclusive. What an excellent way of God to hide Himself from the physical world. And that is why he had to appear to Moses as a burning bush, if he wanted to talk to Moses, and that is also most probably why the corpse of Moses was never found - he had seen God at the end of his life and died like one who had seen God - just disappeared into the heavenly world. At one stage Moses came so close to speaking to God and seeing Him, that he made this remark : Deu 18:16 ... , saying, Let me not hear again the voice of the LORD my God, neither let me see this great fire any more, that I die not.
And now to the proof of God.

Gödel did some work on Logic and came to this strange and insightful conclusion, called the Gödel Incompleteness Theorem : The first incompleteness theorem states that no consistent system of axioms whose theorems can be listed by an effective procedure(e.g., a computer program, but it could be any sort of algorithm) is capable of proving all truths about the relations of the natural numbers. For any such system, there will always be statements about the natural numbers that are true, but that are unprovable within the system. The second incompleteness theorem, a corollary of the first, shows that such a system cannot demonstrate its own consistency. And this is why I said in a previous part (2), that Mathematics and thus Science is based on Faith. And that is another way God hid Himself from our physical world. And that is why the Agnostics say that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience. How right they are, and how well has God hidden himself - in order that we can know Him and be His peer and friend if we walk in Faith with Him. And that is why the Psalmist says : Psa 8:5  For thou hast made him (man) a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

How Great are your Wonders and your Works, God - I adore you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next time : Part 4 - If there were no Christians, there would be no Atheists.