Who am I - Part 2 - The Duality of Life

Who am I - Part 2 - The Duality of Life.
by P.K.Odendaal - 21 August 2011

Are we and our planet (the only) reality?
One thing I know, and that is that this is a half world we live in, a half reality and a half truth. Because we do not know the other half we hide our heads in the sand and pretend there is none other.
Life consists not only of earth, but of the whole universe - not of only ourselves, but of many other creatures - not of only the physical, but also of the meta physical - not only of darkness, but also of light - not only of sin, but also of righteousness - not only of the carnal, but also of the spiritual - not only of the earthy, but also of the sublime. To disregard or ignore the one side is to ignore the total or to live in a fool's paradise.
There is a lot of hot air being generated by new age scientists to the effect that only physical things exist and that at a speed faster than the speed of light, nothing can and does exist, and they use this false premise to prove (without substance or logic) that things immaterial does not exist. Their argument is basically that we and the earth created ourselves and is maintaining ourself - what a lot of hogwash. Theirs is but one small side of the coin and they miss the much larger world of the meta physical, because they have not started at the basis of knowledge, but they grope in darkness around one leg of an elephant believing it to be the tree of knowledge.
One only has to be alive to experience the duality of life, to understand there is no happiness without grief, no life without death, no purity wihtout sin, no (personal) development without pain, no success without failure, no love without hate, no faith without doubt, no rebirth without death.
This duality of life spills over or comes from the duality of the physical and meta physical world.
This is not a world of black and white, it is a grey world - not a world of light and darkness, but of dusk or dawn. Things do not suddenly and discreetly change themselves into other things, but slowly and indiscernible transform themselves in a continuous flux.   
I can illustrate this with a very simple example involving numbers or quantities. Mankind started to count from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 ... believing that only integer positve numbers exist. The they started to count -1 to -2 to -3 to -4 ... discovering that contrary to conventional wisdom, negative numbers existed. The they found out that irrational numbers like 2.465 aslo existed - how they did not know. What we now know is that discrete numbers like 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 does not exist separately, but is a part of all numbers, negative or positive, rational or irrational, real, imaginary and complex numbers. There is not transition from 1 to 2 or even from 1.3456 to 1.3457. The real transition is unimaginable and indiscernible, because the transition between numbers from one to the next can only be established when we know the number to infinite decimals !!!
Similarly it would be unwise to think that physical things are the only real things, whilst there are also negative, rational, irrational, real, imaginary and complex things - and the transition from physical things to meta physical things can only be established if you know the fraction of change to infinite decimals.
A second example. Scientists limit our understanding of the universe to the speed of light which is finite and even slow in terms of other waves. They make us think that it will take us four light years to reach our nearest star. I refute that. I just have to think of the star or imagine it is to be there in seconds. In fact scripture says in Ecc 7:24  That which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out? and Rom 4:17  .... and calleth those things which be not as though they were.
A third example. We are living in a domain in which only three dimensions are revealed. We know how domains of one and two dimensions will look like, but just because we cannot fathom how a domain with four or infinite dimensions would look like, we should not assume that they do not exist. And if they do exist, as most scientists believe, then ours is not the full or only reality.
We therefore exist in a sort of pseudo or semi reality, although it may seem to us to be the only and full reality.
If ours is then only a semi or limited reality, what is the stuff of which reality is made of?