Divorce - Part 2 - Why did I go

Divorce - Part 2 - Why did I go
If I could turn back the clock in this moment of shock
Which caused me to make such big a mistake
I would be better off now as I am anyhow
And will not repent some stupid event
Which brought me hence to recompense
For some unknown fate which has of late
Deprived me of my peace wanting full release
To free my mind of things unkind

Some wishful quest for paradise
Or else somehow a lot more wise
Of what the effect of folly brings
To men and fools and even kings
That would be good once understood
That folly breeds no gain or good
It has no virtue but only vice
And makes us all to suffer twice

The one is when we sow the seed
and the other when we regret the deed
It may not cause us lots of pain
But neither will it bring us gain
And so my short soliloquy
Turns round and brings me back to you
Of how you made me see things through
Which was not by choice but by the tone in your voice

You forced me to act with disrespect
to all I've learned and all I've yearned
whilst all the while I knew your style
Of abuse and lies in love's disguise
Which would one day make me like clay
in the hands of some potter who made hell hotter
Than what I could think when I started to sink
Into shame's deep hole which was your role

It made me subdue to what I would rue
A life in distress which was caused by your mess
Trying hard to recover from such a lover
Who sought my decay by night and by day
Never pausing to think how you forced me to drink
From a cup so toxic which defied all logic
And here I am now regretting the vow
I made in a twinkling without ever thinking
That soon one day I would look with dismay
To a moment so fleet which was supposed to be sweet

And that is the end to all that it meant
For a soul in such pain with nothing to gain
With nothing to choose and battles to lose
Just for the sake of one stupid mistake
Making the the divorce as a matter of course.


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