4 Jun 2019

Love of my Life - Part 9 - A poem

Love of my Life – Part 9 – by P.K. Odendaal – June 2019

She says that she trembles when something resembles
my picture or name which sets her aflame
and makes her desire to burn like fire
and touch my body and mind in a way that is kind

As I put my arm around her to calm
the passion we feel whilst our emotions still reel
from the caresses and hugs which feel like drugs
which mostly controls our bodies and souls

With our emotions aligned and our bodies entwined
Not caring which part is our body or heart
Just enjoying each other in this wonderful fire
radiating from our essence since adolescence

Until in time it will blend like wine
which matures after years of grief and tears
and culminate in joy untold as we grow old
with passion we find in our soul and our mind

It’s exciting in the extreme as if in a dream
Which I hope will not end until we relent
and give up this earth in the purpose of birth
to inherit a place prepared by His Grace

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