Our fate in this place

Our fate in this place - a poem by P.K. Odendaal - March 2018

People end up in hate when they accept that their fate
Will keep them in shame for the rest of the game
In stead they may find a moment so kind.
To do as they should in the moment so good.

Not for their sake but in order to make
Mankind and earth a place full of mirth
For they then shall find that all will be kind
And they will never go back to their previous attack.

Of condemning all for a reason so small
That the earth is no place for a just human race
And they will come to agree with the purpose we see
In the way we must face our fate in this place.

The truth and the peace which can only increase
When we all play our part to make this earth smart
By affording each other a time to discover
That all can be well in this place where we dwell.

Although we were meant to forgive and repent
And let each one be free while we all can agree
That a place like this can only be bliss
If we all suffer each other and all do discover
The fullness of grace which can be found in this place.

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