Love of my life - Part 3

Love of my life - Part 3 – by P.K. Odendaal – September 2017

We got to the start of what was painful and hard
Because we had thought it was the love that we sought
And so sweet and so right for a future so bright
Which shone like the stars through our nebulae of scars
Whilst we never could see that it wasn't to be
That our short roundabout would never work out
Whilst our hopes or desires would only cause fires
In our minds and our senses until our defenses
Left us vulnerable and cold until we were old.

So this story I've told can never take hold
Of our dreams and our lives unless we despise
The things which brought pains to our hopes and our gains
Until we were shown the fragments we own
From the time we were glad to the time it went bad
Not that we knew what would later ensue.

In all of these lines you can read of the crimes
Which may have been done in the name of some fun
And before we both knew it would one day be through
Though the place and the season was never our reason
To stop it so soon in a season of bloom.

The time and the space could never replace
The joy and the grace I saw on her face
And even the love that came from above
Was never meant to keep us content
And replace all the pain which would always remain
To let us both heal from the loss we could feel
Of a love that was blind and unable to find
Some place in our soul to make our lives whole.

The fractures of old were mended by gold
Sent down as solution to our souls in confusion
For which sake our hearts had to break
And were never replaced by the turmoil they faced
Though the suffering was brief in those moments of grief
Only to turn out of late to be spasms of hate.

Whether it is early or late for real love or real hate
It now bothers me none to remain on the run
From the love I now miss in these moments of bliss
And I never would try to laugh or to cry
For the loss of the joy or the shame of a boy.

I will never return to the bridges which burn
One at a time in this season of rhyme
That has come to remain in the place of the shame
And set me full free from what had to be

And loosen the chain which still does remain
Which binds me so tight in late hours of night
Until in the end it turns me to bend
And beg for respite in these letters I write
Which made me to fight in the times of that plight.

Oh, please do not move a motion to prove
That there will be amends when this lesson ends
And goes over to applause for a heavenly cause
Which shall come to bless a soul in distress

I will kindle a fire in a heart which desire
Only to refrain from all kinds of blame
Which comes in my way by night or by day
Never able to know that the love had to grow
Before it would show the fruits born of woe

Yet still I may long to compose a new song
To conceal all the hope in places remote
Which will cover the pain which do still remain
And one day let go of the grief and the woe
Which normally start in the midst of my heart
Or sometime abide in the suffering I hide

Even so let it be like some scars that I see
In some others I know who also let go
Of a loved one they found was no more around
Who had to forget all the grief and regret
And the terrible cost of a love that was lost

And which never was meant such moments to end
The love they once found which was thought to be sound
But turned out to be a passion set free
Infatuating the mind while making them blind
And leaving them cold with their story untold
Until their fate ended in hate
And had nothing to show for those moments of woe.

Written by P.K. Odendaal

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